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A few thoughts about customer correspondence via email

Marketing emails can often tell a story with just a catchy headline and images, but customer service communications typically need more meat. However, all too often they end up as long, dense explanations of options, functionality, instructions or insights. That’s challenging for customers to read and understand in print or on a computer, but it can be torture on a phone.

It’s vital to adapt your writing style in these important communications because up to 75% of consumers check email on their smartphone. That means you need to say more with less, and do it in engaging ways.

You want to encourage customers to read your emails and take action as needed – because that’s what the business needs. And you want to help customers feel comfortable and confident – because that’s what they need.

To increase the effectiveness of customer service emails, we help clients simplify messaging with concise, plain language and easy-to-read visual layouts that help key takeaways stand out. Creating multiple variations for nuanced segments has also helped companies test different approaches to improve open rates and customer follow-through.

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