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How will you edit and update your entire library
of customer letters, notices, and emails?

Need an easier way to manage large-scale reviews of customer correspondence?  As a customer communications copywriting agency, we can help.

De-risk client correspondence templates for letters, notices, and email:

  • Fast turnaround for editing, with compliant, engaging, consistent content that aligns with your brand voice

  • Efficient processes to help you prioritize, and find opportunities to consolidate letter and email templates to lower costs and simplify efforts

  • Creative approaches to drive digital transitions from print to email, web, and mobile

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How often should a bank or credit union review customer correspondence templates?

To comply with new and changing regulations, bank communications should be reviewed at least every two years, based on risk.

Bank acquisitions and divestitures, significant changes in operating practices, and the deployment of new IT systems often require additional review.

Improve customer experience when you update correspondence templates

To differentiate your brand, consider if your client correspondence reflects an elevated customer experience. Your client correspondence sets the tone.

Customer service response time, or new technologies like live chat, only take you so far. If your customer support email is confusing, this can impact loyalty and even result in an angry customer.


Financial services copywriting

Creating customer correspondence for banking, wealth management, and trust services

  • Commercial Banking: Reviewed and edited inventory of 5,000+ omnichannel customer correspondence templates in post-merger integration project. Advised on practices to simplify editing, routing, and approval processes.

  • Consumer Lending: Provided financial services copywriting and project management to edit and update adverse action letters. Revised templates for credit cards, home equity, and personal lines and loans.

  • Decline codes and programmatic text: Edited over 500 variable text elements used in system-generated customer correspondence. Customer research validated the improved clarity and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Office of the President Language Library: Provided financial services copywriting to create standardized responses to inquiries and customer complaints. Incorporated customer experience improvements as well as feedback from compliance and business stakeholders.

Planning for a review of customer correspondence
  • Client communications Center of Excellence (COE): Provided financial services copywriter to update and create system-generated customer correspondence templates.

    Helped develop, implement, and train staff on efficient communications management processes. Included coordination of compliance, brand, and risk reviews for inventory of correspondence templates.

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Editing and financial copywriting

with an expert financial copywriter

Editing and financial copywriting

Update existing templates for customer service letters, notices, support email, online & mobile channels with compliant content in the right voice & tone.

Large-scale communications reviews

update a library of communications

Large-scale communications reviews

Fast turnaround for editing, with engaging, consistent customer-focused messaging that aligns with your brand voice and is mindful of UDAAP.

Systematic content assessment

helps mitigate risk

Systematic content assessment

Identify opportunities to make existing customer communications clearer and help reduce UDAAP risk.

Customer communications training

keep bank staff up-to-date

Training for communications management

Enable communicators to better identify and mitigate UDAAP, while maintaining the voice of your brand.

Examples of UDAAP violations: Practices to avoid

Work with a financial services copywriting agency that knows how to partner with legal and compliance teams. You’ll benefit from our 15+ years of experience in developing customer service correspondence.

“Examiners also found that the credit card issuers engaged in deceptive acts or practices by advertising to other consumers that they would receive certain bonuses if they opened new credit card accounts in response to the advertisements and met certain spending requirements. The issuers, however, failed to disclose or adequately disclose that consumers must apply online for the new credit card to receive the bonus.” –Supervisory Highlights, CFPB, Fall 2021

“Examiners observed that one or more entities advertised products and services in outdoor signage that the entity(ies) did not, in fact, offer. They consisted of products and services that the lenders had not offered for several years but would be of interest.” –Supervisory Highlights, CFPB, Summer 2017

“Respondent also failed to apply certain borrower payments in the manner described on Respondent’s website; to post certain borrower payments in a timely fashion; or to ensure that certain automatic payment amounts reflected the amount owed and due; among other payment-application errors that harmed consumers.” –CFPB Consent Decree 2022-CFPB-0011

Interested in more information about avoiding UDAAP Pitfalls? [pdf]  


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