Customer Personas & Journey Maps

Success Stories — Practical Use Cases

Driving growth initiatives with customer personas and journey maps

For Wells Fargo, we collaborated with leaders in the consumer credit and the wealth management divisions to:

  • Optimize chip card transition – For multiple scenarios, journey mapping the key changes over time helped clarify communication needs. It enabled the team to ensure the best customer experience.
  • Motivate travel card spend – Lifestyle personas identified how different attitudes and needs influence credit card customers during travel. These insights helped the bank develop more effective segment marketing.
  • Increase digital banking with wealth clients – Personas identified unique needs and concerns of high net worth clients and relationship managers. Insights fueled compelling engagement strategies.

 How we helped

We supported the bank with research, messaging and design to present personas and journey maps in presentations for executive decision making.

Increasing sales with engaging journey-based content

For Cisco, an industry leader in IoT platform technology, we helped them win customers by clarifying how to succeed on the IoT journey:

  • Content marketing – Tell their story across all channels to aid the customer journey. Content highlighted key challenges, hidden costs, optimizing security, and more.
  • IoT readiness assessment – Help customers assess their place on the IoT journey, and capture sales enablement data, with an interactive web tool.
  • Success stories – Showcase how companies in many industries have successfully transitioned to a connected services business. These stories were, in essence, customer journey maps to reinforce the value of IoT and Cisco’s offerings.

 How we helped

We provided research, strategy, writing and design for multi-channel content (website, blog, white papers, and lead generation campaigns).

Gaining actionable insights through data-driven personas

For a leading research institute for electric power utilities, we developed an analysis of usage data to better understand segmentation and customer personas. Using data science, we uncovered insights for the personas, including:

  • Consumer behaviors – Deeper understanding of factors influencing energy consumption and conservation to inform planning and decisions.
  • Technology adoption – Trends and patterns in adoption of new technologies like smart thermostats and electric vehicles (EV).

 How we helped

We developed data science strategies, machine learning, and predictive modeling to deliver insights on different types of customers.

Complimentary White Paper

Using Personas and Journey Maps:
Strategic tools to improve customer experience

Customer Personas and Journey Maps help you understand the right actions, offerings, and messaging to increase engagement and improve customer experience.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • Why customer personas matter, and what makes an effective persona
  • How to use personas for journey mapping, and build more value into customer journey maps
  • How to capture quick wins and longterm value