San Francisco, CA May 25, 2016 – Beyond the Arc, a leader in helping companies transform customer experience, is increasingly seeing how the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way their clients do business. To highlight the dramatic impacts of IoT, the firm launched their “100 Days of IoT” social media campaign, sharing insights and blog articles on how IoT is rapidly evolving across many industries. The campaign provides a wide variety of examples and best practices of how companies are using connected devices and services to create richer, personalized experiences for customers, increase operational efficiencies, more effectively manage resources, and innovate new revenue streams. With expertise in communicating complex technical topics in plain language – and working with clients leading the IoT revolution – Beyond the Arc is a strong partner to help everyone from Chief Information Officers to their customers, understand what IoT is and what it can do for them.

Steven Ramirez, CEO and founder of Beyond the Arc, believes that IoT is the new status quo for business. “As literally billions of devices are connecting with cellular networks, CIOs are prioritizing the Internet of Things and investing heavily in connected devices and related services,” Ramirez says. “With IoT, businesses are able to continually engage customers and drive new revenue streams, as well as gather and analyze data to improve productivity, efficiency, and service reliability.”

As part of “100 Days of IoT”, Beyond the Arc has shared some key insights:

IoT enhances customer experience.

The Internet of Things is less about connected devices and more about the services they enable. It opens the door for real-time insights and issue resolution, and more actionable analytics so businesses can proactively engage customers with more relevant communications.

IoT promises new ways to solve tough problems.

With limitless potential, the real value of IoT will come from addressing concrete consumer and business needs. It’s best to start with a clear statement of the challenge and consider IoT as one way of addressing it.

IoT will produce a deluge of new data.

IoT is already transforming operational and organizational requirements. It’s imperative to have strategies for monitoring and managing this data, and analyzing the data to obtain actionable insights.

IoT increases revenue potential.

From retailers to financial institutions, Bluetooth beacons are helping businesses collect specialized data such as product performance, buying trends, even consumer movement. These insights enable them to better adapt store layouts to drive sales, and push in-the-moment offers when customers are nearby.

IoT delivers cost savings and more.

For many companies, the return on investment of IoT is coming from driving down costs and improving operational efficiency. Add to that the vast potential to create new revenue streams, engage with customers in unprecedented ways, and innovate new business models.

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