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Chicago, IL  March 1, 2016– The leading text analytics conference, Text Analytics World (TAW), appointed Steven Ramirez, CEO of San Francisco Bay Area-based Beyond the Arc, as the 2016 Program Chair. Ramirez will choose this year’s topics and select speakers to share their case studies with attendees. Ramirez is focusing the conference on the way organizations analyze unstructured data, like social media or customer emails, to develop insights and take action.

A proven leader in analytics, Ramirez has shared his insights as a speaker at TAW for the past three years. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, he helps companies improve their businesses through text analytics. In 2015, CIO Review listed Beyond the Arc as one of the 100 most promising Big Data solution providers, emphasizing their innovative use of text analytics.

“We’re excited to have Steven Ramirez join our conference as the 2016 Program Chair,” says Eric Siegel, founding chair of Text Analytics World. “He’s been a valued speaker at TAW and has shared many innovative and practical applications of text analytics with attendees. Steven has an incredible reputation for helping companies make critical business decisions. I always get remarkable feedback from attendees that Steven has helped and I look forward to more of his unique insights and the industry leaders he’ll bring to our conference.”

“I’m honored to be appointed program chair for Text Analytics World 2016 and look forward to announcing the exceptional speakers and case studies we have lined up,” Ramirez says. “Companies are already gathering text data, or investing in the necessary technology, but are stymied in making the findings actionable. This year, we will highlight how organizations are overcoming these challenges.”

This year’s program will cover customer experience, social media, healthcare, big data and more.

The Text Analytics World conference will be held in Chicago on June 21 and June 22, 2016, and it is open to professionals interested in learning about practical solutions, new approaches, and innovative applications of text analytics. Industry leaders will be selected to share their application of text analytics, while keynotes will present their insights into the future of analytics.

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