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Data Monetization :: Qingzhao, Director of Business Intelligence

Data Monetization :: Qingzhao, Director of Business Intelligence 2017-08-09T19:27:21+00:00

Qingzhao’s top needs for data monetization:

  • Derive attributes that are not available to competitors
  • Increase accuracy of predictive models used for internal decision making and targeting
  • Package data to sell to other companies

Why she needs help:  As a Director, she’s charged with leading efforts to track current business activities, and use insights to gain traction in new areas. Traditional business intelligence tracks high level status of the business. Adding data science allows targeting at the individual level to improve overall performance. She needs help incorporating this new granularity into campaigns, tracking outcomes so her team can learn the best strategies, and feed this information back into the knowledge creation cycle of data science. Beyond the Arc has done all of this before, so Qingzhao can get guidance at every step.

How Beyond the Arc helps analysts like Qingzhao:

  • Translate business hypotheses into data
  • Manage data science activities to get the best targeting out of the data
  • Create data pipelines and QA tests to validate and maintain the data flow

I need to support decision making using quantitative and consistent methods. I need help designing an end-to-end solution, staging appropriate data science experiments, deciding on the best models, and getting the whole system into production.

Our take on data monetization

Closely held customer behavior data can provide companies with a competitive advantage by including it in predictive models. Information provided by real and prospective customers can be tracked across time and used to supplement data  gleaned from public sources, thus creating a nuanced view that competitors cannot see. Generalized versions of these attributes can be packaged and sold to other companies for additional profit.

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