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Beyond the Arc contributes to reports by top business research firms on customer experience, company culture transformation, Voice of the Customer programs, and data science and customer analytics


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Beyond the Arc transforms communications to reinforce customer centricity. Their approach starts with crafting a CX strategy in collaboration with clients to focus their organization on delivering what matters most to their customers.

Next, Beyond the Arc develops a messaging and communication master plan to roll out the new strategy across the organization. The goal is to help all employees rally around a common purpose. Finally, they help clients execute the rollout through internal communications, executive coaching, and team training to build buy-in with employees and aid them in mapping operational metrics back to the CX vision to track progress. Beyond the Arc also supports the culture change by developing model language and best practice writing tools to help internal teams create customer-focused communications.”

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“While big data technology makes it possible to predict outcomes more easily, many marketers lack experience with the underlying principles. Steven Ramirez, CEO at a top marketing analytics agency, Beyond the Arc, summarized common client situations as follows:

“They are investing in setting up Hadoop and aggregating data from the IT side of the house. But then they say, ‘Can IT help us make our marketing better by figuring out what to do with this data?’ Marketers aren’t thinking ahead about the hypotheses they want to test or how to use data to advance marketing strategy.”

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Examples of Experiences That Matter More to Business Results

“Critical experiences… have a higher impact on ROI. For an insurance client, Beyond the Arc mapped out the whole customer life cycle. Ultimately the client focused on the initial stages of the life cycle because improving the prospect experience brought the highest immediate ROI.”

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