The Financial Brand Forum
Sentiment Analysis Symposium

2023 :: Events

Event Topic/Role
Machine Learning Week
June 18-22, 2023 | Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas
Program Chair, Industry 4.0/IoT track

2022 :: Events

Event Topic/Role
BAI Webinar
December 8, 2022 | Virtual
BAI Ideas into Action Webinar Series | Building a culture of compliance
Money 20/20
October 23-26, 2022 | Las Vegas, NV
Client meetings to discuss fintech content marketing
September 14, 2022 | New York, NY
Power Panel: Tales From The Frontline – How Financial Institutions Can Deliver Outstanding Omni Channel Customers Experience – Have We Focused Too Much On UI vs. UX?
BAI Webinar
September 8, 2022 | Virtual
BAI Ideas into Action Webinar Series | New Frontiers in Fintech Partnering
September 13, 2022 | New York, NY
Power Panel: Why Reinventing Banking & Reimagining Customer Experience Is Vital For Banks To Compete In The New Normal
Machine Learning Week
June 19-24, 2022 | Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas
Chair, Industry 4.0/IoT track
Keynote, APIs & NLP for document selection and knowledge extraction
BAI Webinar
June 16, 2022 | Virtual
Cybersecurity: Creating a culture of cyber-safety at financial institutions
May 20, 2022 | San Francisco, CA
Power Panel: Walking The CX Talk – How Banks Can Deliver Outstanding Omni Channel CX & Move Away From A Siloed Approach To Blend Human & Digital CX. And How Can You Measure Success?
BAI Webinar
March 17, 2022 | Virtual
BAI Ideas into Action Webinar Series | Opportunities for growth in small business banking
Silicon Valley M&A Integration Group
February, 2022 | Virtual
Chair, M&A Strategy Roundtable, hosted by VMWare
Finovate Podcast
January 20, 2022 | Virtual
EP 117: Steven Ramirez, Beyond the Arc

2021 :: Events

Event Topic/Role
September 14 & 15, 2021, Virtual
Fireside Chat: Why We Need Bold Leadership More Than Ever Before
Power Panel: The Conversational AI Market Is Expected To Reach A $14 Billion Valuation By 2025 – How Can You Leverage It To Deliver ROI Driving CX?
BAI Webinar
August 26, 2021, Virtual
7 steps to successful partnering: Essentials for fintechs working with financial institutions hosted by Steven Ramirez, CEO, Beyond the Arc
Finovate Focus – Data Technology
June 30, 2021, Virtual
6 Steps to accelerate your progress on the road to AI – Steven Ramirez, CEO, Beyond the Arc
Machine Learning Week
May 2021, Virtual
Industry 4.0 Chair and Moderator
May 2021, Virtual
Panel Moderator
FinovateFocus Roundtable
Feb 2021, Virtual
Wealth Management: Compete for affluent digital-native clients
FinTech Talk at Clubhouse
Feb 2021, Virtual
DeFi, Challenger Banks, Robinhood/GameStop fiasco
Silicon Valley M&A Integration Group
Feb 2021, Virtual
Chair, M&A Strategy Roundtable, hosted by Microsoft
CXPA LinkedIn Live Conversation
Jan 2021, Virtual
Beyond Service: Using Empathy to Improve CX
BAI Webinar
Jan 2021, Virtual
Anti-Fraud Practices for Nonbanks

2020 :: Events

Event Topic/Role
Ondot Webinar
October 2020, Virtual
How to Capture Holiday Spend During a Pandemic
Finovate West
November 2020, Virtual
Moderator, Power Panel: Shifting The Goalposts – Are We Entering The Age Of The Neobanks?
Finovate Fall
September 2020, Virtual
Chair and Moderator, Future of Fintech track
Bank Administration Institute (BAI) Webinar
September 2020, Webinar
Fintech and Compliance – Partnering for Success
Western Bankers Association, Education Summit
September 2020, Virtual
Speaker, Customer Experience Strategies to Drive Engagement and Deposit Growth
Silicon Valley M&A Integration Group
June 2020, Silicon Valley
Chair, M&A Strategy Roundtable, hosted by Splunk
Machine Learning Week
June 2020, Virtual
Chair, Predictive Analytics World Industry 4.0/IoT track
Bank Administration Institute (BAI) Webinar
March 2020, Webinar
Leveraging Data for Training: Transforming Your Data into a Strategic Asset

2019 :: Events

Event Topic/Role
Silicon Valley M&A Integration Group
November 2019, Silicon Valley
Chair, M&A Strategy Roundtable, hosted by Microsoft
Fintech Talk
October 2019, San Ramon, CA
Moderator, Executive Roundtable, Future of Fintech and Financial Services
Money 20/20
October 2019, Las Vegas
One of the largest global events focused on payments and financial services innovation.
Finovate Fall
September 2019, New York
Live blogging from event
7th Annual Global Big Data Conference
August 2019, Santa Clara, CA
Presentation: Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in the Utility Sector: Strategies for Accelerating Progress and Overcoming Roadblocks
Predictive Analytics World Industry 4.0
June 2019, Las Vegas
Program Chair, Predictive Analytics World Industry 4.0

Keynote Speaker, Predictive analytics and machine learning in the utility sector: accelerating progress and overcoming roadblocks

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Finovate Spring
May 2019, San Francisco
Chair, Customer Experience Summit

Expert Insight: Review Of The Finovate Spring 2019 Demos – What Do They Tell Us About Fintech’s Cutting Edge?

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Live blogging from event

Silicon Valley M&A Integration Group
February 2019, Silicon Valley
Chair, M&A Strategy Roundtable, hosted by Cisco

2018 :: Events

Event Topic/Role
Silicon Valley M&A Integration Group
February 2018, Silicon Valley
M&A Strategy Roundtable hosted by EY
Conference on Housing & Economic Development
March 2018, Idaho
Presentation: Focusing on Your Customer Experience,
Discussion about how technology is transforming CX
AI + Energy:
April 2018, Charlotte
Design thinking workshop on artificial intelligence in the energy sector.
Subject matter expert
Open Talks | SFO Fintech Conference
April 2018, San Francisco
Fintech content advisor for BBVA
Finovate Spring
May 2018, Silicon Valley
Chair, Customer Experience Summit
Chair, Small Business and Marketplace Lending Summit
Moderating panels and fireside chats on payments and banking innovation with executives from: HSBC, Square, Lendio, Wells Fargo, TD Bank, and UK challenger bank Oaknorth
Banking and fintech content advisor
Data Disrupt
May 2018, New York
Fireside chat: Learnings From Decades of Data Analytics Experience
EPRI Grid Analytics and Power Quality Conference and Exhibition 2018
June 2018, Las Vegas
Data Science Accelerator Workshop
Predictive Analytics World Manufacturing
June 2018, Las Vegas
Program Chair and Keynote:

Finovate Fall
September 2018, New York
Moderator and Speaker, Blockchain Hype vs Reality
Chair, AI in Fintech Summit
Source Term & Radiation Field Reduction Workshop, September 2018, Charlotte Data science working session
Design thinking for radiation field reduction
Fintech Talk 2018 Forum
October 2018, San Ramon
Moderator and Speaker, Community Banking and Fintech
Sustainability Benchmarking Forum,
October 2018, Madison
Data Science for Sustainability in Electric Utilities

2017 :: Past Events

Event Topic
Predictive Analytics World – NY Keynote – Customer Journey Analytics: Blazing Paths to Customer Success
Silicon Valley M&A Integration Group Roundtable hosted by eBay
BAI Beacon 2017 Pre-Conference Learning Labs (and)
Influencer Marketing: Taking Advantage of Personal Brands
Next Money Chicago Organizing team
Build the Future Expo Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council’s business expo
2017 Sentiment Analysis Symposium Customer Journey Transformation: Using analytics to understand and transform customer experience
Predictive Analytics World Chicago Measuring the Impact of Culture Change Using Advanced Analytics
The Financial Brand Forum 2017 How Predictive Analytics Deepens Customer Relationships
 Finovate Spring 2017 Live blogging from event
Predictive Analytics World for Business – SF How Predictive Analytics Can Drive Success in Fintech and Banking
CRM Evolution The Marketer’s Cookbook: Recipes for Using Predictive Analytics
Washington Bankers Association What Your Leadership Team Needs To Know: Digital Marketing And Social Media
Silicon Valley M&A Integration Group Roundtable hosted by Microsoft (Steven Ramirez, Moderator)
EFTA Board of Directors Meeting Electronic Funds Transfer Association Board of Directors Meeting

2016 :: Past Events

Event Topic
Washington Bankers Association – Marketing Conference Customer Experience:
What your leadership team needs to know: digital marketing and social media
Predictive Analytics World – NYC Case study: predictive analytics in fintech and banking
BAI Beacon – Chicago What Your Marketing Team Needs to Know About UDAAP Risk
BAI webinar series Thought leader webinar on managing compliance
Predictive Analytics World / Text Analytics World – Chicago Predictive analytics session, Keynote Steven Ramirez, Program Chair of Text Analytics World
Bank Administration Institute (BAI) Webinar What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger: Best Practices for Managing Consumer Complaints
CRM Evolution Conference Using Predictive Analytics to Fuel Marketing Success: Fortune Tellers Need Not Apply
FinTech Silicon Valley, Next Bank Speaking on fintech industry trends with Jim Bruene, founder of the Finovate fintech conferences
Finovate Spring Live blogging from event, fintech media interviews
Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, April 2016 Guest Lecture: Data Science and Customer Experience
Predictive Analytics World 2016 – San Francisco How Well Do You Really Know Your Customer? Tracking Satisfaction Via Social Media
Data-Driven HR Conference, NCHRA 2016 Conference Keynote Speaker
Global Big Data Conference 2016 What Your CMO Needs to Know About Predictive Analytics
IBM predictive analytics workshop, San Francisco Applying predictive analytics to create opportunity in fintech, healthcare, and the public sector

2015 :: Past Events

Event Topic
IBM Insight Live blogging from event
Money 20/20 Live blogging from event
BAI Retail Delivery Capitalizing on Compliance to Enhance Business and the Customer Experience
Predictive Analytics World Boston Leveraging Open Data Sources to Increase Customer Insights Through Predictive Analytics
Finovate Fall 2015 Live blogging about fintech innovations
CRM Evolution 2015 Target Customers Through Predictive Analytics and Segmentation
Predictive Analytics World Chicago Fortune Tellers Need Not Apply: Leveraging Predictive Analytics and Big Data to Mitigate Emerging Risks and Improve Customer Experience
Predictive Analytics World SF Q&A: Ask Anything About Best Practices
Text Analytics World SF What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger: Resolving Customer Complaints with Text Analytics
Global Predictive Analytics Conference How to Become the Advanced Analytics Champion in Your Organization
PASS Business Analytics 2015 Open for Business: Leveraging Open Data to Gain Advantage on the Competition
Finovate Spring and Fall Live blogging and video interviews from event about fintech innovation
Reliability 2.0 Risk-based Asset Analytics – Tomorrow’s Business Intelligence Today
Silicon Valley Innovation Center’s Data Alchemy Conference Predictive Analytics panel discussions
BAI Payments Connect 2015 Fintech: Taking the Pain out of Payments
Electronic Funds Transfer Association (EFTA) EFTA Board of Directors Meeting presentation on customer experience
IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics Workshops (SF & Seattle) Increase Business Value with Predictive Analytics

2014 :: Past Events

Event Topic
CRM Evolution 2014 How Social Data Analytics Can Identify and Resolve Customer Complaints
Predictive Analytics World Chicago Leveraging Predictive Analytics and Alternative Data Sources to Improve the Customer Experience
Predictive Analytics World Boston Spotting the Wisdom in the Noise: Using Data Science to Identify and Eradicate Consumer Concerns
Predictive Analytics World Toronto Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Unlock Consumer Concerns and Eliminate Dissatisfaction
Text Analytics World Leveraging Social Media Complaints to Improve Customer Experience with Text Analytic
Sentiment Analysis Symposium Customer Insight Analytics
Banking Analytics Symposium Deepening Customer Relationships with Big Data and Analytics
Financial Services Marketing + Innovation Symposium Leveraging Social Media & Customer Feedback to Drive Business Success
BAI Retail Delivery 2014 Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Leveraging Complaint Data to Strengthen Customer Experience
Finovate Fall Live blogging from event
Bank Innovators Lab Day Bank Innovator’s Council workshop, co-sponsored by Beyond the Arc
IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics Workshop (SF) Increase Business Value with Predictive Analytics
WEBINAR (Beyond the Arc and Forrester) Where To Get Help With VoC and How To Unlock The Potential Of Text Analytics

2013 :: Past Events

Event Topic
Mortgage Technology Conference Leveraging Social Media in Lending
Predictive Analytics World Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Eliminate Customer Dissatisfaction Before it Spells Disaster for Your Business
BAI Retail Delivery 2013 Managing Customer Complaints and Creating Positive Customer Experiences
Chicago Payments Symposium Improving Consumer Experience: Progress and Opportunities
VERGE SF Open Data from Transparency to Growth
Bank Innovators Council launch party Sponsors: Beyond the Arc, Yodlee, and Bankers Hub
Finovate Fall Live blogging from event
WEBINAR (Beyond the Arc) Leveraging Social Media Complaints to Improve Customer Experience
WEBINAR (Beyond the Arc) Leveraging CFPB Complaint Database Analysis to Improve Customer Experience
WEBINAR (Beyond the Arc & Clientific) 4 Best Practices to Attract and Retain Affluent Customers
WEBINAR (Beyond the Arc & American Banker) Parsing and Preventing CFPB Complaints