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Marketing Analytics :: Dennis, CMO

Marketing Analytics :: Dennis, CMO 2017-08-09T19:36:27+00:00

Dennis’ top needs for lifecycle and loyalty analysis are:

  • Learning which touch points are critical to bottom line growth
  • Understanding key drivers for customer success
  • Delighting customers to increase brand loyalty

Why he needs help:   As Chief Marketing Officer, Dennis focuses on the big picture. He knows what tactics can be used to improve the company, but executing on tactics isn’t his job. Dennis needs help to quantify solutions and implement his vision.

How Beyond the Arc supports CMOs like Dennis:

  • Keep the work defined and prioritized within a business profitability framework
  • Use data science to make sure solutions match up with real life situations
  • Create successes by finding key drivers of customer behavior

I can see how the different parts of the business work together, but having Beyond the Arc on the ground also helps me see where business group processes can be improved to measure customer pain and implement solutions that drive retention and loyalty.

Our take on lifecycle and loyalty analysis:

Understanding customer lifecycles and loyalty sounds easy, but matching it to data and measuring progress is more difficult. That’s where our experience makes the process smoother. After we help you understand the customer journey, we can create models at each key point to find the drivers of both good and undesirable customer behavior. That tells you what’s shaping the experience – and guides the messaging or process changes that can help improve outcomes.

We work with your in-house experts to understand the situation, and we use predictive analytics to tease out potentials causes of friction. Teams of people solve customer lifecycle problems and we help guide the players to shape effective solutions.

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