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Beyond the Arc - Customer Experience and Data Science

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Beyond the Arc assists clients with:

– Customer Experience
– Voice of the Customer
– Social Media Data Mining
– Content marketing, earned media, PR
– Merger Integration
– Predictive Analytics and Text Mining
– Smart grid and utility analytics

Our clients range from the Fortune 50 to venture-backed startups.

Industries we know:

* Financial Services
* Technology (semiconductor, software, telecom, internet)
* Media & Entertainment
* Consumer Electronics
* Utilities

Some of the problems we solve:
…”How can I reduce customer attrition and build loyalty?”
…”How can I use social media to acquire new customers?”
…”How can I tell my company’s story to local media and community influencers?”
…”How do I ensure the successful integration of a corporate acquisition?”
…”How can I use text mining and data mining to obtain Voice of the Customer insights?”
…”How do I deploy advanced analytics to optimize smart grid and other technology investments?”

We also help you promote your story through media relations, content marketing, social media, and communications for all channels and touch points.



data science, voice of the customer, customer experience, strategic marketing, brand strategy, content marketing, social media

Differentiate your business and drive the brand with a sharper focus on customer experience and engaging with stakeholders 

Beyond the Arc can help you solve key business problems and build stronger customer relationships — with customer experience strategydata science and analytics, and effective communications.

We’re passionate about customer experience as a key part of business success. Combining strategy and hands-on execution, we help companies build stronger, more profitable customer relationships, and effectively manage risk.

We think data science, social media, and mobile tech are game changers in today’s business world, and we help clients leverage them to improve customer experience and differentiate their brand.