Leveraging social media to turn loyal customers into brand influencers

In terms of brand influence, some of the greatest value in social media may come from your satisfied customers.

Everyone’s talking about social media as an increasingly powerful business tool –not only for marketing promotions but for improving customer experience […]

Customer experience as a competitive advantage in home lending

Co-author: Steven J. Ramirez

In the age of Dodd-Frank, mortgage lenders are waking up to a new reality: customer experience isn’t just about practical service and compliance issues. An exceptional customer experience can mean the difference between winning and losing business altogether. Referrals are no longer driven by the real estate or financial world […]

5 Strategies for designing the optimal customer experience

In highly competitive markets, consumers demand real value and exceptional experiences in return for brand loyalty. Businesses need to continuously raise the bar on how well they understand the customer and meet their needs. This becomes more challenging as technology and social business are evolving rapidly, which means organizations need to adapt quickly as […]

Taking card rewards programs to the next level

Today, card issuers are focused on how they can innovate in their rewards programs to attract and retain customers. Many are looking to the successful Groupon Deals model of online discounts for inspiration (see Bank of America’s recent announcement about a BankAmeriDeals merchant discount program they’re testing).

Social media is emerging as a key vehicle […]