Predictive Analytics Consulting

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Our approach to predictive analytics consulting
focuses on building models and then helping clients take action.

Create a next best action model to drive incremental sales

An effective tool to optimize customer interactions is a next best action model.

What is a next best action model?

  • A decision engine that uses predictive analytics, machine learning, and algorithmic optimization to make recommendations

  • Uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to identify the best possible course of action for a customer interaction

  • Implementing these models can help optimize your customer experience and generate incremental sales

predictive analytics consulting: next best action model helps predict customer behavior

Johnson Controls is using AI to reduce churn and identify over $100M a year of protectable revenue


Johnson Controls had no usable data sets, no data science team or data engineers.

How could they rapidly build a global data team with new AI/ML capabilities to improve business outcomes on a major scale?

Is your company struggling with how to implement predictive analytics?

What are predictive analytics solutions?

Predictive analytics solutions often integrate AI/ML. Machine learning uses algorithms to “learn” from data, and AI uses algorithms to simulate human intelligence. Combining AI/ML enables companies to analyze data sets to predict outcomes.

Predictive analytics consulting can accelerate your progress

What is the business case for predictive analytics consulting?

  • Deploy predictive analytics solutions more quickly to make better decisions about pricing, marketing, and product development

  • Use a next best action model to quantify incremental sales that are generated by implementing the model’s recommendations

  • Predict customer demand, anticipate market shifts, and improve customer engagement

business meeting discussing predictive analytics consulting solutions

How do you scale a next best action model
or other predictive analytics solutions?

Predictive analytics consulting solutions can bring a number of benefits to companies. Here are 3 tips to overcome the challenges in implementing and scaling solutions:

  • 1

    Foster a data-driven culture that encourages the use of data and predictive analytics in decision-making processes.

  • 2

    Collaborate with predictive analytics consulting experts to leverage external knowledge and expertise.

  • 3

    Embrace flexible development practices for faster iterations and deployment of predictive solutions.

4 ways a predictive analytics consulting firm can help

Key to the process is…

  • Gathering the right data, using the right tools, and understanding how to interpret the data

  • Having the right people in place to leverage the data, such as data scientists and machine learning engineers

Predictive analytics consulting services can help to fill the gaps or provide overflow support to in-house teams

How can I get help with a next best action model?

Predictive analytics consulting can help you clarify your objectives and develop predictive analytics solutions.