It’s time for a new season of innovation in financial technology (fintech), as Finovate innovators provide a glimpse at the future of banking, payments, and wealth management.

This year’s attendance numbers are expected to top last year’s record breaking 1,600 senior executives, influential press, analysts, entrepreneurs and other attendees. With so much excitement, it may be a challenge to know where to put your focus. To narrow things down a bit, we’ve pinpointed a few of the top innovators you don’t want to miss this year.

Here are 4 key fintech innovators that will be on our radar:

1. Personetics

Demo Session 2 (10:45-12:15 Eastern), Thursday September 8

What is it? Personalized Digitalized Banking.

This digital platform enables banks to provide customers personalized insights and build strong, sustainable relationships. By focusing on the customer experience and attending to the customer’s best interest, they help banks build trust and loyalty. The result for financial institutions (FIs) is much greater engagement, more opportunity for long-term profit, and a reduction in costs.

As detailed in a case study, Personetics helped a leading bank with its goals to cut servicing costs and establish itself as a leader in customer experience. Using Personetics Smart Assistant to deliver contextual self-service, the bank was able to reduce costly transaction-related support calls by 35%, and still achieve an over 90% customer satisfaction rating.

2. Salemove

Demo Session 3 (1:00-2:20 Eastern), Thursday September 8

What is it? A Customer Engagement Platform.

This 2-time Finovate “Best in Show” winner aims to elevate customer experience to a new level. Salemove’s platform helps FIs engage, acquire and support their customers by delivering an in-person experience, online.

The platform gives administrators the ability to monitor their customer’s actions on the bank website, start live engagements during their browsing session, chat with audio or video, co-browse with them and lead the customer through the sale with expert help. Earnhardt Toyota uses Salemove and, in a case study, said it not only immediately increased car sales, but also provided the best way they’d found to engage online customers safely and securely.

3. Qumram

Demo Session 6 (10:45- 12:05 Eastern), Friday, September 9

What is it? A Digital Compliance Solution.

This software solution helps FIs ensure compliance and detect fraud, while also cutting costs. It records online information and user activities across all channels, provides proof for all online activities, and stores user sessions for later reference.

UBS uses this system globally for digital compliance. According to Qumram, UBS achieved 100% internal and regulatory compliance, 100% automated recording of legally admissible records, 76% reduction of cost for web governance, and 0 printed manual records.

We’ve written about Qumram before, see our notes from their Finovate demo last spring in San Jose.

4. Kore

Demo Session 7 (1:00-2:40), Friday September 9

What is it? Banking Bots!

Kore has been a pioneer in developing bots in industries as diverse as finance, healthcare, and hospitality and they’ll be revealing their first ready to deploy, NLP- powered banking bot at Finovate Fall.

Kore research indicates that customers prefer self-service when that channel instantly answers their questions and needs, while self-service banking also drastically reduces costs for financial institutions. Kore’s banking bots will be programmed to quickly answer questions and provide guidance 24/7, in real time. This includes alerting customers to suspicious activity, answering questions about loan applications, following up on past services, and sending personalized offers that match customer needs. Kore also presented at Finovate Spring, we posted a quick reaction back in May.

Overall, it’s looking to be another great Finovate filled with inspiring people, ideas, and of course the most cutting-edge financial tech out there. With over 70 fintech innovators presenting, be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates @beyondthearc.