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Most people have heard horror stories about companies that treated their customers  poorly. And a lot of those stories have grumpy employees as a common thread. Grumpy employees create bitter experiences, so keeping employees happy creates better customer experiences. This often requires culture change.

Employee satisfaction is often overlooked as a part of the customer experience. It’s one of the blind spots companies encounter by not applying their expertise about human behavior internally.

Beyond the Arc guided Finland-based Nokia in the creation, administration, analysis, and reporting on company-wide surveys during a critical year when they integrated their culture with the recently acquired France-based Alcatel-Lucent. Alcatel-Lucent brought more than 40,000 employees along, bringing the New Nokia total to more than 100,000.

How we assessed Nokia’s culture change

Creating cultural cohesion was a key mandate for company leadership. The companies had different cultures and the goal was to gain cohesion around Nokia’s core values.

Beyond the Arc helped Nokia with:

  • Survey design
  • Question revisions
  • Sampling
  • Data analysis
  • Presentation of results

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Nokia asked: how well are we doing in co-creating our culture?

The survey demonstrated different levels of cultural cohesion on different topics. Results varied by geographic region and department. Senior leadership discovered and addressed areas of tension as the culture merged, and then acted to bring people together.

The results of Nokia's culture change were positive!

All of the analytics that apply to the customer journey also apply to an employee journey:

  • (Employee) Journey Map
  • (Employee) Acquisition
  • (Employee) Satisfaction
  • (Employee) Wellness
  • (Employee) Loyalty
  • (Employee) Retention

The graphic shows how a Human Resources team can map their challenges to analytics to gain deeper understanding and help determine actionability. Once the goals can be clearly defined, you can identify specific ROI benefits.

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Using analytics to underscore steps in the employee journey helps to improve business outcomes. The business can benefit from letting internal teams in Marketing or Customer Experience share their perspective and expertise with Human Resources. Beyond the Arc has extensive experience working with all of these business sectors and is leveraging that to help our clients.

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