We’ve seen organizations focus on delivering an excellent customer experience, but then overlook one critical area. The product meets customer needs, the organization is easy to do business with, but client communications are cold, and maybe even off-putting. Not only does this distract from the message, it can erode the relationship. Have you thought about how to achieve a conversational tone?

When you’re writing a sensitive client communication, you may be tempted to slip into an overly formal or “businesslike” tone. This may have the unintended consequence of coming across as distant, and in some cases, maybe even harsh.

Here are a few quick tips on how to keep the tone conversational.

A few more client communications tips from top customer experience experts

When we shared this video on LinkedIn and Twitter, we sparked some great conversations. Here are some additional ideas for improving client communications from CX leaders:

“Know your audience. Understand your audience. Communicate in a way that works for them, that fits their needs, that matches your brand, that is authentic, that helps them to understand the message you are trying to convey.”

– Annette Franz, Founder & CEO of CX Journey

“I’ll add one – be conscious of how often you are communicating to your audience; some might want to hear from you regularly, and some might want to hear from you once a year.”

– Musa Hanhan, Sr. Director, Customer Experience & NPS at Genesys

“I’d also add the value of empathy… think about your client’s perspective, then frame what you want to communicate to be about them (not you). Make it relevant to their key concerns, highlight how they might benefit. This approach helps clients see that you have THEIR best interests in mind.”

– Gavin James, Customer Experience Strategist at Beyond the Arc

When writing a sensitive client communication, you may be tempted to slip into an overly formal tone. Here are a few tips on keeping it conversational. https://j.mp/2ZmrV33 @beyondthearc #customerexperience #customerservice #communications

Here’s the TL;DR on Conversational Tone

Using a conversational tone when writing to customers is an essential part of creating a successful customer relationship.

  • Using a conversational tone when writing to customers is incredibly important. It helps to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere, which can make customers feel welcome and appreciated.
  • A conversational tone also helps to build trust and a strong connection between the customer and the business, as it shows that the company is genuinely interested in engaging with customers on a personal level.
  • Additionally, a conversational tone helps to make customers feel like they’re being heard and understood, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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