In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and machine learning, staying ahead means being part of a community that’s not just at the forefront of technology but also engaged in applying it to real-world business challenges.

This ethos is the driving force behind Generative AI Applications Summit and Machine Learning Week – a gathering of AI enthusiasts, data scientists, and business professionals who are ready to delve into the practical solutions of AI and machine learning.

The two events will be held concurrently at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel in Phoenix, AZ from June 4-7th of this year.

Register for the Generative AI Applications Summit, chaired by Beyond the Arc CEO Steven Ramirez, and save 20% with the code: ramirez20.

A community focused on real-world solutions

These conferences are not just about trends and technological advancements; they are about a shared mission to tackle the complexities and obstacles of implementing AI in diverse business landscapes. At the core of this community is an ambitious goal: to bring together visionaries, technical experts, and industry leaders who are actively involved in solving complex business problems using machine learning and AI. The conferences focus on the technical intricacies of deployment and the broader strategic implications for businesses across a spectrum of industries. The intent here is not just to ride the wave of AI advancements but to shape the contours of this powerful and emerging technology through real-world use cases, best practices, and learned lessons.

Case studies and best practices: learning from industry peers

Each speaker will have a unique story about AI’s transformative power in real-world situations. Case studies will highlight various applications, such as how Top 5 pharmaceutical company Latam captured double-digit growth with machine learning and how Unilever scaled AI capability and embedded it in the business to improve supply chain transparency, drive joint growth with customers, and enhance consumer experience.

Each case study showcases how AI can be meaningfully integrated into business processes to improve efficiency, drive intelligent decision-making, and provide innovative solutions to long-standing problems. By learning from the experiences of trailblazers in the field, Generative AI Applications Summit and Machine Learning Week participants are not just ready for the future – they’re helping to shape it.

Join the conversation at the forefront of AI implementation

Generative AI Applications Summit and Machine Learning Week is more than just an industry event; it’s a community of professionals passionate about leveraging AI to create a better, more innovative world. Join the conversation, be a part of this community, and discover how AI and machine learning can transform your business from tomorrow’s possibilities into today’s realities. It’s more than a gathering – it’s a stepping stone into the future of AI implementation.

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Last updated: 2/20/24
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