Merger Integration

Capture value quickly from mergers & acquisitions with our comprehensive approach to post merger integration. Customer experience is central to our M&A integration methodology and processes.

Drive successful post merger integration with end-to-end support

What activities and challenges should a CX project management office (CX PMO) tackle?

Post merger integration: Customer journey timeline M&A integration: Key brand touchpoints
  • Design of Welcome Experiences: Facilitate conversations with stakeholders, plan how to introduce acquired customers to the brand.

  • Customer Impacts Inventory: Create methodology, database and executive reports of all the points where customers are impacted by merger changes. Assess severity, number impacted, and timing.

  • Merger Timelines: Design visual display of key customer and employee impacts (journey map visualizations)

  • Employee Impacts Inventory: Understand the impact and timing of changes in the employee experience.

  • Employee Culture Survey: Document key differences in corporate culture of both banks. Design programs to share info and create engagement.

  • Extending CX Vision and Brand: Create systematic plan for introducing core CX and brand principles to acquired customers. Develop and deliver training to employees joining from the acquired bank.

  • Platform Migration Journey Mapping and Action Plan: Review legacy vs go-forward platforms (for banking, investments, trust services). Identify key UX differences, as well as policy changes with customer impact.

  • CX-focused Communications & Review: Ensure customer communications via letter, email, and web are consistent in content, tone/voice, and brand.

  • Emerging Issues/Customer Issue Tracking: Leverage Voice of the Customer (VOC) data to take action to address merger pain points

Beyond the Arc has supported post merger integration
in Silicon Valley, across the U.S. and globally

Nokia needed to build a global post-merger culture focused on improving CX across multiple brands, businesses, and geographies.
We supported the merger integration efforts by helping create a Culture Cohesion Tracker as a quantitative system that enabled them to successfully measure the impact of their culture change initiatives.
AT&T – PR and media relations
AT&T aimed to use acquisitions of DirecTV and TimeWarner to position the company as a leader combining tech, entertainment, and mobile.
We developed and executed messaging strategies, media outreach, and influencer programs to raise the company’s post-merger prominence in Silicon Valley and throughout CA.
Wells Fargo
The Wells Fargo-Wachovia merger impacted nearly 50M+ customers, 10K+ branches, 100K+ employees, and numerous banking platforms.
We helped with merger integration plans for customers and employees in all 50 states, managed a Voice of the Customer program to create data-driven action plans, and edited 5000+ client communications.

Merger integration requires special care
for wealth and mass affluent segments