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We’ve supported mergers in Silicon Valley, across the U.S. and globally

Nokia needed to build a global post-merger culture focused on improving CX across multiple brands, businesses, and geographies.
We helped create a Culture Cohesion Tracker as a quantitative system that enabled them to successfully measure the impact of their culture change initiatives.
AT&T – PR and media relations
AT&T aimed to use acquisitions of DirecTV and TimeWarner to position the company as a leader combining tech, entertainment, and mobile.
We developed and executed messaging strategies, media outreach, and influencer programs to raise the company’s post-merger prominence in Silicon Valley and throughout CA.
Wells Fargo
The Wells Fargo-Wachovia merger impacted nearly 50M+ customers, 10K+ branches, 100K+ employees, and numerous banking platforms.
We helped with merger integration plans for customers and employees in all 50 states, managed a Voice of the Customer program to create data-driven action plans, and edited 5000+ communications.

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