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Customer Acquisition Analytics

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Getting new customers takes a lot of legwork. We help you use your data resources to your greatest advantage.

Actionable insights for customer acquisition

To win customers, you need to understand the marketplace and what’s important to your prospects. We can help with customer acquisition analytics based on patterns teased out from your existing customers. Our methodology helps you get more good customers and build on your successes over time. We can:

  • Capture data used for earlier lead gen
    by mapping business processes

  • Gain contextual insight on data used to evaluate prospects
    with deep data profiles

  • Match behaviors of past prospects to outcomes
    by staging data

  • Identify and rank existing customers for their likelihood to purchase
    with predictive models

  • Determine segments for automatic approval

  • Refine behavioral predictions
    Data scoring based on consumer actions

  • Optimize campaigns to target most promising prospects
    Determine best customers based on rankings; share with Marketing to use messaging based on ranking reasons

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Beyond the Arc client metrics

million users a month rated for acquisition targeting on a major media website
new subscribers added to a major media property in Q1 2017