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Brand Strategy

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Amplify your brand potential with strategic planning


Align your brand architecture to your business strategy

business team

Engage all employees to embrace the brand vision

We help you define your brand strategy and strengthen your brand — from positioning and naming to team training.

Brand Research

Brand Research

Conduct qualitative and quantitative studies to know your brand’s potential.

Unique brand

Brand Positioning

Articulate your brand’s unique place in the market.

Brand architecture

Brand Architecture

Define the hierarchy of your brand portfolio.

The road ahead - brand extension

Brand Extension

Determine the potential to expand your brand beyond what it represents today.

Naming can be key to brand strategy


Develop a viable and ownable name for your company, product, or service.

Brand Training

Brand Training

Create and deliver in-person and online workshops to help employees and agencies learn the brand.

We believe thoughtful brand execution and brand activation are critically important to your success. Our team can help you develop quick reference guides, online and classroom training, model language and examples, and other tools to bring your brand strategy to life.

A winning brand is more than just a logo or popular product; it’s a mindset focused on putting your customers’ needs first – an approach that should be embraced by every layer of your organization from frontline employees to people managing processes behind the scenes.

Hot topics on brand strategy

These articles and case studies provide a sense of how we approach brand strategy:

Case Study: Revitalizing a Restaurant Brand
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