100 days of IoT

A few years ago, we focused 100 days of tweets and blog posts on the Internet of Things (IoT). With a variety of rich examples, we highlighted how IoT is transforming businesses and entire industries with new operational efficiencies and customer experiences, as well as new revenue streams.

We also spotlighted how IoT is helping to better the world through improving our quality of life and solving tough problems on a global scale. The Internet of Things has become more than just a new technology, it’s a new way of life.

In our “100 days of IoT“, we highlighted everything from fascinating statistics and unique applications to real world problem-solving and life-saving technology.

We learned that the possibilities with IoT are endless and no matter what the industry, it opens up new opportunities for business growth, cost-saving efficiencies, and unprecedented customer experiences.

As IoT rapidly transforms our world, it’s simultaneously evolving our idea of what’s possible. Before too long, companies that can leverage IoT and are not doing so, may find themselves out of business.

How IoT is shaping our future

As part of our IoT showcase, we published a four-part blog series:

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that the Internet of Things is here to stay and the demand for its services will grow, along with the possibilities and opportunities that arise for companies that leverage it.

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Our clients include an industry leading IoT platform provider, a top 5 bank, an international hotel chain, and a manufacturing company.  We have also been the PR agency of record for a telecommunications giant and a business partner with IBM.

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