5 Proven ways to optimize your customer experience

In today’s highly competitive markets, consumers demand real value and exceptional experiences in return for brand loyalty. Businesses need to continuously raise the bar on how well they understand the customer and meet their needs. This becomes more challenging as technology and social business are evolving rapidly, which means organizations need to adapt quickly as [...]

Financial technology and innovation - live from New York

This is one in a series of posts live from Finovate Fall 2014. We’re seeing great demos of new technology in mobile, risk/fraud detection, small business lending, and Big Data. We’re in the home stretch with about 20 more companies to to come. ^SR

CR2 Kieran Kilcullen (Director, Sales & Marketing) and Patrick Simons (Principal [...]

Finovate Day 2 continues from New York

Our coverage of Finovate continues into Day 2.

Cachet Financial Solutions Youri Bebic (SVP Mobile Innovations) and Kimberly Timmons (Relationship Manager) Cachet describes themselves as “mobile for the prepaid world.” They aggregate best-in-class services (bill pay, remittance, rewards) and offer it as software as a service (SAAS). They are the first virtual agent of Moneygram. [...]

Innovation in financial services - Finovate Day 2

We’re back for another marathon of financial technology. Day 1 covered a range of new developments in mobile payments, automated financial advice, and personal financial management. There are several interesting companies lined up for Day 2, and the presentations begin in a few minutes. ^SR

Kabbage Rob Frohwein (CEO & Co-Founder) and Kathryn Petralia (COO [...]

Technology and innovation for banks - Finovate Day 1 continues

This is the last set of presentations for this afternoon. We’ve seen some great new features from established fintech companies, plus new entrants that have recently launched. One thing you can tell you from our coverage, there are a dizzying number of companies out there!

Our coverage from today starts here http://beyondthearc.com/blog/2014/customer-experience/fintech_bank_innovation_day1

TickSmith – Francis [...]

Fintech Innovation - Live Blog from Finovate

We’re blogging live from the Fall Finovate show in New York. Over 1,500 people on hand to learn more about innovations for banks, credit unions, investment companies, payments providers, credit card issuers, and others in financial services. Our blog will cover more than 70 companies over a two day period. You can also follow the [...]

Finovate Fall Day 1: Latest in Fintech Innovation

Beyond the Arc and William Mills Agency and will be live blogging at FinovateFall. Finovate is the showcase for the biggest innovations in financial technology. Over a 2-day period, almost 70 companies will be demonstrating their latest offerings. This year we’re looking forward to developments in data analytics, personal financial management, payments, consumer lending, and [...]

Using predictive analytics to transform the banking industry

With anytime online access and mobile capabilities, banking is becoming more convenient than ever. We can manage our accounts from anywhere we are, transfer money via text message, and make a deposit with just a snapshot of a check. As convenience is evolving to meet consumer demands, financial institutions face greater challenges to compete in [...]

Boost your marketing ROI with predictive analytics

With unprecedented access to numerous competing brands, consumers are more empowered than ever. It’s no longer enough to sell a good product or service; your customers want personalized solutions. But how do you match the right offers to the right customers for more profitable results? With predictive analytics, you can leverage multiple data sources to [...]

A multi-million dollar growth spurt as the CFPB turns 3

Last week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) turned 3 years old. When the CFPB launched in July 2011, it wasn’t clear what power this regulatory progeny of the Dodd Frank Act would wield. Today, there is no doubt about the agency’s authority. With 9 products in its ever-increasing purview, the CFPB now hosts [...]