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Success Snapshots

To increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn rates, a nationwide cable company wanted to offer more targeted services.
  • Developed a customer journey map to gain insights on media viewing patterns and preferences.
  • Applied predictive analytics to better understand audience dynamics, customer segments, and behavior within each segment.
Rebundled services with targeted offerings increased customer satisfaction 15% and reduced attrition by 10%.
During an organizational transition and rebranding, the firm needed to create a compelling cross-channel experience to retain existing clients.


  • Conducted research via focus groups.
  • Analyzed data to identify channel use patterns and segments.
  • Developed highly tailored communications focused on targeted relevance.
We helped support a successful transition for a broad client base, minimized attrition and support calls, increased satisfaction, and strengthened key relationships.
The bank needed to engage employees enterprise-wide to adopt best practices for creating consistent, customer-focused communications.


  • Developed training and website with best practice tools such as writing standards, model language guides, and Before & After examples.
  • Provided hands-on editing and mentoring to help teams apply tools to real-time work.
  • Continued to engage groups to improve communication projects.
Improved customer communications company-wide, impacting over 100 million touch points annually. Trained nearly 3,000 employees in 30 lines of business.
Beyond the Arc was included in a major research report as one of 10 firms that help enterprises with large-scale customer experience transformation.

(Major report on Customer Experience Transformation Consultants,
June 14, 2012)

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