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Someone with Group presents at Finovate

Finovate Spring 2015: Fintech innovation for banking and wealth management

We are back for Day 2 of the Finovate Spring 2015 conference in San Jose. Today’s agenda has a number of standouts from prior conferences: Kofax, Moven, and Malauzai Software to name a few. No doubt we’ll also be wowed by a new crop of innovators. The Finovate Spring 2015 team gave a brief update

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Powering customer experience in the utilities industry

You’re a big, bright utility company, and you’ve often been squeezed by rising costs, aging infrastructure, and regulatory concerns. But one thing you rarely worried about was customers. They were just there. However, now the landscape is changing and consumers have a choice. How will you meet evolving demands and differentiate your company to win

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It’s never about you: Emotional appeal and your customer experience

There’s a strange paradox that occurs in the business world: at some point, people forget what it’s like to BE a customer. We’ve all done it – gotten so wrapped up in the daily grind of meetings, budgets, and deliverables that we grow detached from our customer because they are outside the company. We may

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Building customer empathy with insights from advanced analytics

Co-author: David Julian Can your customers “feel the love”? It’s more important than ever to build a customer-centric organization that infuses a sense of empathy into every customer interaction. Creating a positive emotional connection to your brand can be a powerful driver to increase customer retention and profitability. It usually starts by finding and fixing

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Mobile wallet

Driving adoption of mobile wallets: convenience isn’t enough

Mobile wallet providers made a huge push to acquire users this past holiday shopping season – encouraging consumers to manage card payments through smartphone apps. Google Wallet, for example, offered a compelling incentive by promising users $5 for each person they referred who signed up. Smartphone users could refer up to 20 friends (earning up to

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