Analytic insights enhance culture change

Most people have heard horror stories about companies that treated their customers  poorly. And a lot of those stories have grumpy employees as a common thread. Grumpy employees create bitter experiences, so keeping employees happy creates better customer experiences. This often requires culture change. Employee satisfaction is often overlooked as a part of the customer experience. It’s

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Analytic insights along the customer journey (part 2)

The customer journey map represents what customers see and feel, and how the business supports the whole process. Customer Journey Analytics can be used to validate how customer behavior fits into the map, show what the company needs to do to measure the critical steps, and through predictive modeling, determine the causes of customer actions.

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Analytic insights along the customer journey (part 1)

Experiences are best understood as part of a customer journey. A customer journey map is a picture that shows the steps a customer experiences. Looking at the journey gives Marketing and Customer Experience managers clarity about all of the processes that intersect to create a customer experience. It’s a starting point for both managing and

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Artificial intelligence (still) requires people

All the talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning may make it seem these methods are easy to use. But good artificial intelligence(AI) is based on building up knowledge over time by practicing with data to learn what people do, and how to respond. The same is true for people – learning takes place over

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Business success graph

2017 Snapshot: 3 Top ways we helped our clients succeed

Communicate. Analyze. Engage. Every business needs to do it to attract and keep customers, but getting it right can be a challenge. That’s the heart of what we do at Beyond the Arc. As we wind down the year, we’re taking a look back at some highlights of how we helped companies advance their business

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The road ahead - predictions

CX in 2018: Top Customer Experience Predictions

Customer expectations are rapidly evolving. The pace of technology innovation is relentless. How will your business need to adapt or rethink the way you deliver customer experiences to stay competitive in the year ahead? Check out CX predictions from our Beyond the Arc team on what we expect to see in 2018… Companies will have

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The power of predictive analytics in financial services

Today, we gather more data than ever. Consumers are generating data with every interaction they have with your company. What are you doing to generate new insights and take action? With the right techniques, such as predictive analytics, we can now leverage that information to go beyond knowing what has happened in the past, to

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Content Marketing


Content marketing is more than a buzz phrase. It’s a powerful way for businesses to connect with key audiences by discussing topics that have meaningful impact. Letting your expertise shine through content like blogs, case studies, and whitepapers can be an effective tactic, especially as traditional advertising is losing ground in the battle for people’s

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Team spirit

Growing a customer-centric culture – 5 top strategies to build employee buy-in

To deliver the exceptional customer experiences that foster brand loyalty and increase profitability, businesses need to embrace a customer-centric culture across the enterprise. Research often shows that customers are willing to pay more for great experiences, and satisfied customers are more likely to maintain a long-term relationship with a company, and recommend it to others.

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Posting your way to customer loyalty – 3 top tips for social media

Social media can make or break your customer relationships. It’s not just a marketing channel; it’s a critical touchpoint on the customer journey. Those digital interactions fuel brand impressions and buying decisions, and influence how people talk about your brand to others. In other words, don’t miss an opportunity to earn loyalty. Because the voice

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