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Make a name for yourself

Creating names for companies, products, services, and features is a component of branding most take for granted. Ask someone who’s gone through the process and you’ll hear it’s anything but simple and often rife with issues. Let’s just say, few to no successful names came from an ad hoc group brainstorming over pizza. To ensure

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Beyond Big Data: Big Text Analytics

Big Data is valuable for businesses because it can identify trends, uncover emerging issues, and forecast business outcomes. Yet leading companies are thinking beyond Big Data, and using Big Text Analytics to create a more comprehensive, intelligent customer analysis. Businesses can enrich Big Data with Big Text to develop a better understanding of customers, and

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How to align your brand promise and customer experience

Having a tough time aligning your brand promise and customer experience? It’s not easy. Delivering a consistent customer experience every time takes employee buy-in at every stage. Your entire organization needs to be customer obsessed to reach brand experience maturity. In a recent Forrester® report, 34% of marketing leaders surveyed point out that “having a

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Someone with Group presents at Finovate

Finovate Spring 2015: Fintech innovation for banking and wealth management

We are back for Day 2 of the Finovate Spring 2015 conference in San Jose. Today’s agenda has a number of standouts from prior conferences: Kofax, Moven, and Malauzai Software to name a few. No doubt we’ll also be wowed by a new crop of innovators. The Finovate Spring 2015 team gave a brief update

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